Boiler Room

Production ready

boilerplate apps.


Save time.

Boiler Room boilerplates

save you precious time

. Skip the set up and download a prodcution ready, performant, and secure application boilerplate. Start coding your business logic right away.



Boiler Room boilerplates are

100% customisable

. You choose the configuration and tech stack you want based on your requirements. You can add or remove any code you want. Boiler Room provides production ready, minimally opinionated, boilerplates.

All the code,

No new framework.

Nobody wants to be stuck with their boilerplate forever. Once downloaded, you interact with your application as you would any Node.js or React app - you can forget about Boiler Room entirely.

It’s as if we were never there!

Production ready.

Boiler Room boilerplates are

production ready

. Simply build your application and it is ready for use in any production environment.

// Install dependencies

myAmazingApp $ npm run install

// Run app locally

myAmazingApp $ npm run dev

// Build app for production

myAmazingApp $ npm run build_

I use Boiler Room every time I start a new project. It saves me hours and allows me to get to work on my application without all the boring project set up. It honestly saves me so much time and the code is great!

Nev Flynn

CTO @ Recroot

Any time I have an idea and want to jump start my app quickly I use a Boiler Room template. The code is top class! I've used it for both fun side projects and production APIs. It really is a great tool.

Kevin Roberts

Head of Eng @ Kodey

Some of what Boiler

Room includes.

Create production ready full-stack MERN applications in Javascript or Typescript.

Create production ready Node.JS APIs in Javascript or Typescript.

Production ready and scalable project structure and layout.

Client server communication protocols.

Single commands to install, run, and build your application.

All boilerplates $175


1. Choose a project type

2. Choose your stack

3. Choose your database

4. Choose your logger

5. Choose your linter

6. Choose your project name (optional)